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Anyone on here a senior in high school that would be willing to let me interview you for my psychology class???

Guys, Jennifer Lawrence auditioned to play Bella in the Twilight movies. Can you imagine, I think she would have been perfect.

Education is progress – not a process of progressing point A to point B along lines delineated by a race to graduation, but a process of progressing towards self-improvement. It is becoming competent in what makes you happy, whatever that may be – because a stay-at-home mom who raises three upright children and a shop clerk who never accepts anything less than polished efficiency are arguably more educated than a mediocre lawyer who lives for his weekends and rots in a listless stupor the other five days of the week.





don’t wear your leather jacket on hot days you could get heat stroke

remember, being punk is only fun when you’re alive

Always wear two pairs of socks under your big leather boots, there is nothing punk about getting blisters

not everyone wants to rock out as hardcore as you, always ask what other people are comfortable with, its very punk to ask how people are feeling

Punk responsibly.

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I think I might hate the winter. I don’t like being cold.


all i wanna do is [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] [CASH REGISTER NOISE] see catching fire again

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sometimes i think about suzanne collins named her baker character peeta

she thought to herself “yeah, this is clever” and ran with it. She named her baker Pita with two e’s

mellark also means cake or pie

are you fucking kidding me

pita cake

she fucking named him bread cake